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SHINE is a non-profit organisation.

Shine is extremely passionate about education and it’s goal is to drastically improve the quality of the education system in our country. There are many injustices that learners and educators are facing on a daily basis, that prevent these learners from reaching their full potential.

SHINE is really excited to be partnering with Oosrand Secondary School in Reiger Park. The school currently has over 1600 learners that attend the school. Many of these learners face some challenging circumstances both at school and at home that prevent these learners from reaching their full potential at school.

Project IMPACT was launched at the beginning of 2017! We are extremely excited about this program as it aims to assist learners and educators in the following 2 ways:


We will be offering the most energetic and enthusiastic learners in grade 10 and 11 the opportunity to attend extra tutoring on a Saturday morning. Our aim is to allow students the opportunity at asking questions and engaging with qualified tutors at our workshops, so that they can get a better understanding of their school subjects. A better understanding of these subjects will improve their grades which in turn gives the student the opportunity of successfully applying to universities and colleges across the country.


In grade 12 each learner will be paired up with a mentor. The mentor will be there to make sure that the learner remains focussed throughout such a critical year. All of our mentors will have under gone a training program so that they are equipped to offer guidance, motivation and emotional support and in some cases financial assistance will also be provided. For those students in grade 12, career guidance is offered as well as assisting student applications to universities and Technicon’s.

How can you or your company assist?

Project IMPACT is a great opportunity for your company to help make a significant difference in so many learners’ lives in Oosrand Secondary School.

Sponsor a Child

You or your company can sponsor a child for as little as R100 a month. This money will help us to cover costs such as online tutor material, uniforms, stationary as well as food and transport costs to and from our tutoring sessions.


Many of the tutoring questions and assessments will require these learners to have access to the internet on a laptop computer. We are looking to get at least 30 computers for our program. If your company is interested in assisting us with purchasing some laptops this would be fantastic!

Benefits to your Company

Your company will get to earn BEE compliance points. We will provide you with the correct documentation each financial year.

Should you be interested in contributing towards our program please feel free to contact us. A debit order form will be attached should you choose to sponsor a child or if you wish to donate to our organisation.

If you need any further information on our program you can contact Michael Zietsman on 0837890622 or via email


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