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A thought for the new year

The other day we took a family walk along one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen.

A pristine piece of paradise in Sedgefield.

At the end of this beautiful, expansive beach beckoned a rugged, rocky point called Gericke’s Point. You can climb up the rocks of Gericke’s Point and stand on the top and look up and down the coastline for miles.

As we began our family walk, I had my eyes firmly fixed on Gericke’s Point.

The destination.

Our kids, Caitlyn (6) and Caleb (3), had their eyes firmly fixed on the beach sand beneath their feet! They were intent on noticing every little interesting thing, as they slowly meandered along this piece of paradise. Every few steps, they would stop and bend to pick up some new piece of beach wildlife!

They were immersed in the journey.

I was thinking destination. They were thinking journey.

And then suddenly, as I bent down down to examine one of their latest finds, I heard the gentle whisper of the Spirit of God.

“In life, the journey is the destination.”

The journey is where all the mystery, and wonder, and marrow of life is found.

Enjoy it.

Because perhaps the destination is simply the culmination of what we’ve learned on the journey?

May 2017 be an incredible journey for you!