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These 3 thoughts changed my thinking

I often think about the thoughts that can change our thinking.

Those particular thoughts or axioms that are so powerful that they shift something deep within our thinking.

These three thoughts did that for me.

Here they are.

1. If. Then.

All of God’s promises are conditional.

(His love, of course, is unconditional. However, His promises are very much conditional.)

If we meet the condition, then the promise will be fulfilled.

So, don’t just quote the promises of God. Rather, work to find and fulfil the condition behind the promise that you want to see fulfilled in your life. It will yield much better results.

2. Something out of nothing.

In the beginning God made something out of nothing.

God is still the only one who can make something out of nothing.

It made me think.

When we make ourselves nothing, we become perfect candidates for God to make something out of us.

3. Seek God’s face and not just His hand.

We need His face even more than we need His hand.